#4 - Going Deeper

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Welcome to the newest episode of Buildcast, Episode 4. This week, we explore social media marketing through Instagram and a variety of customer satisfaction service options to integrate into our app. We also tackle a challenging conversation about how Fei is taking Core15 full-time and Alex is staying part–time. How can we evaluate each individual’s contribution without hurting our professional and personal relationship? We also reminisce about our first jobs and question the quality of Subway’s seafood meat option.

Products we mention in the show:
SupportKit(now known as Smooch), Apptentive, Intercom, Mixpanel, Helpshift, and Hipmob.

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Alex Kim & Feifan Wang's profile image
Alex Kim & Feifan Wang

Alex and Fei are the team behind Core15, an iPhone app that delivers 15-minute core workouts. They have diligently recorded their journey creating and launching the app, which they share via the Buildcast podcast.

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