#2 - Fake It 'Til You Make It

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Welcome to the second episode of Buildcast! In this episode, we cover how we find beta testers with a simple landing page as well as getting UI/UX feedback in real world settings. If you are using social media to connect with your users or are having a hard time capturing emails of early adopters, you’ll find this episode especially useful.

Specifically, we cover how we are: - rethinking the way we reach out to potential users on paid Facebook ads, - finding potential users where they are to get the most out of their feedback, and - incorporating user feedback directly into the UI/UX design process.

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Resources mentioned in the episode:
- Marvel

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Alex Kim & Feifan Wang

Alex and Fei are the team behind Core15, an iPhone app that delivers 15-minute core workouts. They have diligently recorded their journey creating and launching the app, which they share via the Buildcast podcast.

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