#1 - The Idea

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Welcome to Buildcast, hosted by Alex Kim and Feifan Wang. In this podcast, we share our experience developing, designing, and launching an iPhone app from scratch, called Core15.

While indie development holds the promise of financial independence for programmers and designers alike, succeeding on the App Store can be tricky. That’s exactly what we talk about in this podcast–it’s for listeners who build digital products or are interested in learning about building digital products.

As the App Store is slowly taken over by established players like Nike and Clash of Clans, indies are up against some serious competition in terms of financial resources and technical expertise. We’ve also had our fair share of ups and downs trying to promote and beta test our app. In this episode, you’ll learn learn about:

  • identifying a target audience for your app,
  • isolating core problems your app can solve,
  • developing a business model, and
  • finding a voice in your brand

Find all past episodes at Buildcast.fm. If you like what you hear, please leave us a review and share your thoughts with us on Twitter @buildcastfm.

Resources mentioned in the episode:
- Brain Audit - Brain Audit worksheet

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Alex Kim & Feifan Wang's profile image
Alex Kim & Feifan Wang

Alex and Fei are the team behind Core15, an iPhone app that delivers 15-minute core workouts. They have diligently recorded their journey creating and launching the app, which they share via the Buildcast podcast.

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