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The unfiltered journey of creating and launching a fitness iOS app - Core15

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So we wanted to try making a podcast...

Who we are
Hi, we are Alex and Fei. We created Core15, an iOS fitness app with effective 15-minute core workouts.
Why are we doing this
We were intrigued by Alex Blumberg's podcast on building his podcasting company. We loved the idea of incorporating storytelling into the day-to-day of building products while sharing our learnings with the community. So with not a lot of recording experience and hearts full of good intentions, we recorded our journey.
What will you learn
This podcast is for listeners who build digital products or are interested in learning about building digital products. Here are a few of the things we touch on in the show:
  • How we came up with the idea by identifying human problems
  • How we attracted early beta testers
  • How we approached marketing from day one
  • How we made specific design & development decisions (analytics, HealthKit, push notifications, etc.)
  • How our friendship evolves as our lives began to diverge in different directions
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The hosts

Feifan Wang
Fei is a web and mobile developer by trade. Besides engineering, he's also passoinate about launching new businesses. He learned most of what he knows about building and launching web businesses by doing so for employers, clients, and himself.
Alex Kim
Alex is a product designer with a visual design background. He's trained in lean and agile processes and has with a wide range of client including Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and single founders.