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Validating an Adobe iPhone App

How “Spruce” became “Adobe Post”

Validating an Adobe iPhone app When it comes to app idea validation, many people still question the feasibility of the approach. As I’ve written about in my email course, idea validation is important. It’s the best way to de-risk your app idea before...

How to Hunt for a Product Hunter

Get featured on Product Hunt by having an influential user submit your app

Product Hunt has been an integral part of many product launch strategies. A surge of traffic to your app’s iTunes page or website for free? Why not, right? But to play any game, you need to first learn the rules. What’s the deal with Product Hunt...

What Co-founders Can Learn From a Healthy Marriage

Six “rules” you can live by to work happier

While hanging out with some friends a few weeks ago, my friend Richard shared some marriage advice. He has been happily married for the past couple of years and has since distilled some very valuable lessons (six, to be exact). As soon as I heard them...

The Buildcast Podcast is Live!

Follow the unfiltered journey of two friends building and launching a fitness iPhone app

We’ve done it! We’ve finally released the first episode of Buildcast: Subscribe on iTunes Buildcast is a podcast my design partner, Alex, and I co-host. It’s about the journey of us creating and launching a fitness iOS app together, called Core15

Mobile App Launch Guide for Indie Developers

The ultimate app launch guide for indie developers who are building and launching their own iOS apps. Learn about planning, pre-launch, marketing, product development, QA, and launch.

This is a re-post of Adam’s original guide, which lives on GitHub. If you have additional insights, please contribute! Why This guide is aimed at indie developers who are building and launching their iOS apps largely by themselves. The guide will...

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