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Supercharge Your App Landing Page: The Technical SEO and Social Media Optimization Checklist

Optimize your landing page with these 10 high-impact, easy-to-implement steps.

To many app developers, SEO is nebulous and confusing. What should you be doing in your HTML template to ensure optimal discoverability? How exactly should your robots.txt and sitemap.xml look? These questions are exactly what this post answers. I...

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Meta Tags

Optimize social media re-shares and engagement with simple HTML meta tags

Social media meta tags are HTML tags that allow you to make the most out of the content you share from your site. You can determine what information is displayed in the post on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and beyond. If your posts, tweets and pins...

Build a Pre-launch Email List Without a Landing Page

Test out your mobile app idea without a single line of code

Have you ever wanted to test out an app idea cheaply by launching a landing page to collect emails of potential users? With the launch of Twitter’s Lead Generation Card, anyone can start building email lists to gauge interest on app ideas and reach...

How to Automate Your Twitter Feed

Populate your Twitter feed with kick-ass content, automagically

When embarking on a new app idea, the first thing most teams do is to create a Twitter account. Having a Twitter account can be quite benefitical for building an early audience and potentially converting them into early adopters. A key component of...

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