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Supercharge Your App Landing Page: The Technical SEO and Social Media Optimization Checklist

Optimize your landing page with these 10 high-impact, easy-to-implement steps.

To many app developers, SEO is nebulous and confusing. What should you be doing in your HTML template to ensure optimal discoverability? How exactly should your robots.txt and sitemap.xml look? These questions are exactly what this post answers. I...

Mastering Keyword Research in 3 Steps

Equip yourself with the techniques and tools for successful Keyword Research

In our previous post, Getting Started With SEO, we gave a high level overview of SEO. In this post, we will talk about the first step to great SEO, keyword research. Keyword research refers to creating a list of relevant phrases with the right mix...

Getting Started With SEO

Learn about the four major pillars of SEO

Conventionally, SEO is defined as the process of influencing natural search results, so that your web pages appear higher for the keywords you’d like to rank for. Many people confuse it with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and think of it as the buying...

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