Validating an Adobe iPhone App

How “Spruce” became “Adobe Post”

Validating an Adobe iPhone app When it comes to app idea validation, many people still question the feasibility of the approach. As I’ve written about in my email course, idea validation is important. It’s the best way to de-risk your app idea before...

How to Hunt for a Product Hunter

Get featured on Product Hunt by having an influential user submit your app

Product Hunt has been an integral part of many product launch strategies. A surge of traffic to your app’s iTunes page or website for free? Why not, right? But to play any game, you need to first learn the rules. What’s the deal with Product Hunt...

The Secret Sauce Way of Validating an App Idea (Interview with the iPhreaks Podcast)

Walking you through every step in under 60 minutes

A few weeks ago, I spoke on the iPhreaks podcast, which I thoroughly recommend if you’re an iOS developer. While the podcast mostly focuses on the technical aspects of the iOS ecosystem, we took a little break this episode to talk about how to validate...

What Co-founders Can Learn From a Healthy Marriage

Six “rules” you can live by to work happier

While hanging out with some friends a few weeks ago, my friend Richard shared some marriage advice. He has been happily married for the past couple of years and has since distilled some very valuable lessons (six, to be exact). As soon as I heard them...

The Buildcast Podcast is Live!

Follow the unfiltered journey of two friends building and launching a fitness iPhone app

We’ve done it! We’ve finally released the first episode of Buildcast: Subscribe on iTunes Buildcast is a podcast my design partner, Alex, and I co-host. It’s about the journey of us creating and launching a fitness iOS app together, called Core15

Launch Your Podcast with SoundCloud in 30 Minutes

The easiest way to start a podcast

Now is an exciting time for podcasting. It’s never been easier to start your personal radio station and broadcast to the world on any topic you find interesting. When starting a new business, podcasting can be a fantastic way to connect with you potential...

An Indie Developer's Guide to iOS Analytics Tools

Track everything from user behaviors to technical performance

If you are committed to creating great iOS apps, a key component is a set of well-configured analytics tools. Good analytics tools help you understand how your users are using your app, where their pain points are, and how many users are active.

Supercharge Your App Landing Page: The Technical SEO and Social Media Optimization Checklist

Optimize your landing page with these 10 high-impact, easy-to-implement steps.

To many app developers, SEO is nebulous and confusing. What should you be doing in your HTML template to ensure optimal discoverability? How exactly should your robots.txt and sitemap.xml look? These questions are exactly what this post answers. I...

Mobile App Launch Guide for Indie Developers

The ultimate app launch guide for indie developers who are building and launching their own iOS apps. Learn about planning, pre-launch, marketing, product development, QA, and launch.

This is a re-post of Adam’s original guide, which lives on GitHub. If you have additional insights, please contribute! Why This guide is aimed at indie developers who are building and launching their iOS apps largely by themselves. The guide will...

Turn Your Incentivized Mobile Users Into Loyal Customers

A two-part series on how to acquire, activate, and retain mobile users via incentivized channels

In the first post, we reviewed the motivations of mobile app users acquired through incentivized channels, the risks inherent in using these channels, and how to maximize install volume through bid management. It makes sense to now focus on activating...

Manage Your Incentivized Mobile Budget for Maximum Volume

A two-part series on how to acquire, activate, and retain mobile users via incentivized channels

For the first part of this two-part series, we’ll be examining the motivations of mobile app users acquired through incentivized channels, the risks inherent in using these channels, and how to maximize install volume through bid management. With...

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Meta Tags

Optimize social media re-shares and engagement with simple HTML meta tags

Social media meta tags are HTML tags that allow you to make the most out of the content you share from your site. You can determine what information is displayed in the post on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and beyond. If your posts, tweets and pins...

Build a Pre-launch Email List Without a Landing Page

Test out your mobile app idea without a single line of code

Have you ever wanted to test out an app idea cheaply by launching a landing page to collect emails of potential users? With the launch of Twitter’s Lead Generation Card, anyone can start building email lists to gauge interest on app ideas and reach...

How to Automate Your Twitter Feed

Populate your Twitter feed with kick-ass content, automagically

When embarking on a new app idea, the first thing most teams do is to create a Twitter account. Having a Twitter account can be quite benefitical for building an early audience and potentially converting them into early adopters. A key component of...

Mastering Keyword Research in 3 Steps

Equip yourself with the techniques and tools for successful Keyword Research

In our previous post, Getting Started With SEO, we gave a high level overview of SEO. In this post, we will talk about the first step to great SEO, keyword research. Keyword research refers to creating a list of relevant phrases with the right mix...

Getting Started With SEO

Learn about the four major pillars of SEO

Conventionally, SEO is defined as the process of influencing natural search results, so that your web pages appear higher for the keywords you’d like to rank for. Many people confuse it with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and think of it as the buying...

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